Commercial Consulting

We’re not just an inspection company. Yeagers Consulting provides services to help you manage your commercial properties to maximize profitability and reduce costs.

Cost Segregation Studies

Not every part of your property depreciates at the same rate! Allow us to analyze the property and the current way you manage write-offs for tax purposes. We’ll provide a report that minimizes your tax burden and maximizes your free working capital.

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Accessibility Surveys

The more barriers to entry you eliminate the more marketable your property is to everyone. Almost every family in America has a disabled family member. That means they’ll judge your property by that member’s ability to utilize it.

We’ll evaluate every facet of that property to determine it’s overall accessibility. Then you will receive recommendations based on the significance of a barrier to entry and the approximate cost to remediate it.

That’s what Practical Access is all about!

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Reserve Studies

Home Owner’s Associations, Condominiums, and the like have multiple fixed costs year after year. There are also improvements that will be required to maintain or increase the market value of the properties under their care.

A reserve study will allow the proper accumulation of capital reserve to cover the costs for which association members are liable for maintenance. They will also help project repairs and improvements costs to maximize owner’s return on investment.

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